Advanced Proteins is one of the UK’s largest providers of animal by product collection solutions.

Formerly operating as John Pointon and Sons Ltd, we have been providing a first-class service for our loyal customers for over 40 years. Our company name is synonymous for professionalism, biosecurity and quality with our customers.

Animal By Product Collections

We offer sanitary collection services to a range of major customers in the meat industry in the UK, including butchers, slaughterhouses, supermarkets and food processors. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve been reclaiming animal by-products such as bones, fats, offal, blood & feathers and high temperature rendering them to produce high-quality fats & oils, processed animal proteins and biomass fuels. Rendering is the ultimate recycling solution.

Processed Animal Proteins

Advanced Proteins offer a wide range of premium grade processed animal proteins. Our product diversity and reputation within the Pet Food industry enables us to provide you with solutions tailor made to your specification. The result for our customers is that we stand for outstanding quality and delivery performance.

Your trust is something we take very seriously at Advanced Proteins. You can be confident that you’ll receive high-quality proteins packed with essential amino acids, phosphorus, digestible lysine, and essential fatty acids.

All our products meet strict quality and safety standards which our suppliers demand and we are accredited to the Good Manufacturing Practice Plus (GMP+) standard. while our extensive tracking and tracing capabilities spell peace of mind for you and your customers.

We understand how vital food safety is in the pet food industry. That’s why we have robust processes in place for traceability built on the backbone of our Hazard and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.

We also operate to four separate ISO accreditations for environmental, health & safety, quality and energy management, and were one of the first animal rendering and food waste recycling companies in the UK to attain the ISCC global accreditation.

Renewable Fuel & Biodiesel

Advanced Proteins transform animal by-products and used cooking oil into high-quality oils and tallows, all carefully tested to ensure that every product that leaves our facility consistently achieves our strict specifications.

The traceability measures we have in place, ensure that we have complete confidence that our ingredients conform to the highest standards for quality and biosecurity.

Tallow and rendered animal fats are routinely used as a replacement for fossil fuels. Over the past fifteen years tallow has become a much sought-after renewable biofuel/ bioliquid for use in power generation and as an essential biodiesel ingredient. Tallow has an excellent calorific value, in the region 38MJ/Kg.

Tallow is a very attractive fuel due to staggering price increases in oil, gas and electricity in recent years. Long term supply contracts are also available, giving our customers much needed assurances for their supply chain.

Advanced Proteins have satisfied the Environment Agency’s strict Quality Fuel Protocol (End of Waste Test) in the UK to allow tallow to be utilised as a clean fuel in renewable energy facilities. Tallow has a high cetane number, which is an important quality parameter for diesel fuel.

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