FABRA UK was established in 2009, and is committed to creating a bio-secure foodchain with an ever smaller carbon footprint. As members of FABRA, Advanced Proteins are working hard with our association colleagues in our aims to:

  • Actively pursue technical advancement of members and of the industry it represents.
  • Promote foodchain and biomass recycling.
  • Represent members in dialogue with Government, its agencies, food chain partners and consumers.

At the heart of our foodchain is an environmentally sustainable industry dedicated to foodchain and biomass recycling; an industry which is represented in the UK by FABRA, the Foodchain and Biomass Renewables Association.

Together, FABRA members represent more than 60% of UK meat by-product processing capacity, providing essential food and environmental services, and producing bio-fuels and green energy.

The Association is committed to improved communication and closer links with the food industry, and to working constructively with UK and European regulators, legislators and influencers. Our goal: a bio-secure foodchain with an ever-smaller carbon footprint.

FABRA members enable their foodchain partners to reduce carbon emissions, providing services such as recycling and landfill diversion for food and food waste, and recovery of used cooking oil.

FABRA members are central to Government’s efforts to increase green energy and reduce landfill. Our carbon-neutral biomass-to-energy sites use food residues as bio-fuel, and we supply liquid and solid bio-fuels to industry, reducing UK reliance on fossil fuels.

And at times of crisis, FABRA members provide essential secure disease control and waste disposal services to Government and its agencies.

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