Renewable Fuel – Biodiesel and Biofuel

Tallow and rendered animal fats are routinely used as a replacement for fossil fuels. Over the past fifteen years tallow has become a much sought-after renewable biofuel/ bioliquid for use in power generation and as an essential biodiesel ingredient. Tallow has an excellent calorific value, in the region 38MJ/Kg.

Tallow is a very attractive fuel due to staggering price increases in oil, gas and electricity in recent years. Long term supply contracts are also available, giving our customers much needed assurances for their supply chain.

Advanced Proteins have satisfied the Environment Agency’s strict Quality Fuel Protocol (End of Waste Test) in the UK to allow tallow to be utilised as a clean fuel in renewable energy facilities. Tallow has a high cetane number, which is an important quality parameter for diesel fuel.

Tallow is now a commodity that is traded all over the world in huge volumes, alongside palm, soya and rapeseed oils.

Advanced Proteins’ goal is to produce the finest quality tallow for the renewable energy and biodiesel industries.

Our products meet the specification of the EU and UK sustainability and environmental targets, pertinent to key policies and directives.

By utilising raw material ingredients from animal by products, the biodiesel industry delivers significant greenhouse gas savings over mineral diesel fuel, the resulting biodiesel is also completely sustainable.

Tallow is proven to be advantageous as it does not threaten, or compete, with the food or feed chain.

Our biodiesel customers demonstrate the conversion of tallow at industrial and commercial facilities with their continuous distillation technology, producing a homogenous, clear and very clean biodiesel.

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