Historically, zoonotic diseases such as foot and mouth disease (FMD) and swine fever have affected many rural areas throughout the United Kingdom. Premises found to be infected with diseases had their stock slaughtered and disposed of by rendering, incineration or by on-farm burials in order to prevent further spread of the disease. Similarly, premises adjacent to, or within 3km of an infected premise were also culled.

Such burial sites have been proven to produce potentially harmful leachates to the ground and it is no longer an option to bury diseased animals under animal by product and environmental legislation.

As time evolves, such sites are required for industrial or domestic purposes, such as property development or alternative farming purposes. Before this is possible the contents of the original burial must be removed and the land remediated to eliminate the potential for environmental harm.

Advanced Proteins offer a complete excavation and disposal solution for landowners or developers. Our portfolio of previous contracts demonstrate a successful track record on behalf of national property developers, local farmers and DEFRA.

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