Sustainability – Residuals to Resources

Transforming residual animal by products and food waste into valued resources is our forte. Sustainability has been at the forefront our business ethic from day one. Our dedicated team have developed innovative ways to transform inedible products into sustainable ingredients. Both economic and ecological sustainability are integral to our business. We believe sustainability is more than what we produce, it’s the foundation of how we conduct our business and the bedrock of how we protect our environment.

It is people who make sustainability happen. At Advanced Proteins, we believe it is our duty to champion our natural environment.


Sustainability is never ‘done’ but every day we are one step closer.


Across Advanced Proteins, we are standing up for tomorrow –becoming more efficient with our resources, as we find new ways to reduce our consumption and carbon footprint. Continuous improvement is what drives us because we know it is small steps that lead to a greater step change.

Though our sustainability plan extends from the farm to our finished products and beyond, it’s at our sites where we have the greatest responsibility – and opportunity – to make a difference.

We believe the solutions we deliver are part of a broader shift occurring around the world, our constant aim is to generate new resources, rather than depleting existing ones.

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